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Oh, Canada! Family Court leaders in the Great White North

The reforms in Canadian family courts show a commitment to fairness, equality and protection of vulnerable parties. That's progress, eh?

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The Top 5 Strategies to Take Charge of Your Divorce

Divorce is a major event that can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future, however, there are simple ways to regain control of your life and feel empowered;…

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How Mediation Helps Families – Divorce Mediation Calgary

Divorce is often depicted as a battlefield where spouses fight tooth and nail, leaving emotional and psychological casualties in their wake, but it doesn't have to be this way thanks…

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The Silent Victims: How High-Conflict Divorce Impacts Children

The breakdown of a marriage is a life-altering event, not just for the couple involved but also for their children. When a divorce turns high-conflict, the emotional toll on everyone…

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The 5 Common Battles in Divorce – Divorce Mediation Calgary

Divorce, a journey often fraught with emotional turmoil and legal complexities, is rarely an easy path for any couple to tread. When a marriage reaches its breaking point, tensions rise,…

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