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Divorce Mediation Redefined

Divorce Mediation is traditionally defined as the involvement of a neutral third party, a mediator, in conflicts between separating parties that cannot seem to reach a resolution on their own. At FairPlay Mediation, we have added several of our own twists to this traditional approach to make our process even more effective. The result is a flexible, individualized program that focuses on meeting the needs of all involved – particularly any children caught in the middle.


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Why Choose FairPlay Mediation?

Save Time

You get to dictate how long this resolution process takes. Whether it’s one session or more, you will get a detailed reporting letter that can be drafted into an Agreement to finalize your matter. Navigating the Court system can take months or even years.

Reduce Cost

Our flat-fee billing ensures that you only pay for what you need with no hidden costs or surprises. Legal fees for a traditional, contested divorce can easily exceed $50,000 per party.

Minimize Stress

You and your former partner will each have the opportunity to share your perspectives and work towards mutually beneficial solutions together in a private, comfortable setting, in-person or virtually. Litigation adds layers of anxiety and makes everyone feel defensive.

Safeguard the Children

Children shouldn't bear the brunt of divorce. Safeguard their well-being with a thorough co-parenting plan. By navigating divorce with care and fairness, your children can flourish.

A new perspective on divorce mediation:

The FairPlay Vision

"That everybody facing conflict has the opportunity to access and experience the FairPlay approach before committing to a more adversarial process."

After taking the time to discuss your individual circumstances, and determining what roadblocks are preventing resolution, we will design a custom, step-by-step plan to pave your way to success. We believe that this success is subjective and that, as long as everybody works together, everybody can come out successful, each winning in their own way.

Choose the FairPlay Process to regain control and find your path to a brighter future today.

What makes us different?

How do we make sure everyone is heard?

Does this process protect me legally?

Take the First Step:

Let's talk about you.

Let's discuss your situation. Enjoy a free, no obligation consult with us.

Let's talk, really.

"Justin's ability to calm people down and help them communicate clearly is so impressive. He was able to create a safe environment where everybody felt heard so that mutually beneficial solutions could be explored. I highly recommend his approach over traditional methods involving the courts."

R. C.

"Justin was retained to conduct a mediation on a high conflict parenting dispute. He always remained calm and had a strong attentiveness to detail that allowed the matter to settle with a fair resolution."

C. M. 

"Requiring mediation services is a very difficult journey for all parties, however Justin's thoughtful, as well as transparent, approach made the entire process very smooth. His positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for clients is appreciated. I was so impressed and pleased with the mediation service that I got from Justin as well as his professionalism. From the outset, Justin's clear explanations of the method of mediation, issues, and subsequent outcomes was very informative, while allowing me to understand the path during this difficult time. I have no hesitation in recommending Justin Hendriks to all my friends who need this service. I wanted to thank you for helping me settle this case."

L. M.

Why FairPlay and Not a Lawyer?

Mediation presents a constructive avenue if you are navigating divorce and seeking a resolution without the courtroom's adversarial environment.

Why opt for mediation? It offers a fair resolution that minimizes the emotional turmoil often associated with litigation. Our services also extend beyond family law matters, such as custody and support, and have been helpful in resolving workplace and community conflicts as well.

At FairPlay Mediation, our approach emphasizes collaborative engagement between parties and an interest-based negotiation style that focuses on empathy and understanding. Our Conflict Coaches underscore the importance of compromise, recognizing that success hinges on mutual understanding and flexibility.

Typically, the FairPlay Process spans one or two sessions, culminating in the preparation of a comprehensive reporting letter. This can then be used to draft an agreement for you and the other party to review and approve.

With a high success rate in divorce matters specifically, mediation has proven effective in property division, and spousal support negotiations, as well as parenting plans. In the event that children are involved, this process gives the separating parties the best possible chance at re-purposing their relationship so that a level of trust remains and healthy co-parenting is likely.

Even if mediation does not lead to a full resolution, it can still be beneficial as parties can engage the Court system with an understanding of the other’s legal position, having attempted a mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution process.

For more insight into divorce mediation and how it might be a beneficial approach to your case, contact us today. Choose FairPlay Mediation for a balanced, respectful approach to conflict resolution.

Justin Hendriks
Justin Hendriks - Founding Member

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